QRx Pre & Post Edit (PPE) Solution: The Smart Answer For Pharmacies To Navigate The Claims Adjudication Process

Improve productivity, shorten collection windows, maximize reimbursement, increase profits and reduce resubmissions

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QRx Helps You Navigate The Complex Adjudication Process

In the face of increasing complexity and constantly changing reimbursement, QRx is the right choice for your pharmacy. The QRx PPE Solution is integrated into the standard claims adjudication process.

QRx PPE Solution allows for every claims submission to be scrubbed before and after the payer review

This allows for best-in-class pre & post editing to ensure claims are submitted accurately and ultimately reimbursed correctly by the payers

Detailed analytic reporting ensures the pharmacy is able to maximize reimbursement on every claim and aids in driving workflow efficiency

Detailed Analytics & Automated Reporting

Our detailed analytic reporting delivers daily, weekly, or monthly reports that provide real-time visibility and data regarding reimbursements, performance and compliance metrics. At the end of each month, you will receive an ROI report outlining your direct return on investment by comparing how much you earned through savings and revenue increases against the cost of using the QRx PPE Solution.

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